Importance of Video Testimonials

Did you know that 79% of people use video testimonials to learn more about a business and its product or service? Since these videos tend to contain all the useful information about a business in a digestible format, they’re an effective way for people to learn all about what the business does and how it can help them. (Wyzowl).

When embarking on the exciting journey of acquiring a new product, one’s first instinct often involves looking through customer reviews, commonly referred to as testimonials. These powerful endorsements are vital in showcasing how much your customers love your brand or products. However, the impact of these testimonials reaches new heights when they take the form of videos.

According to Hubspot– “A client testimonial video serves as a compelling visual and auditory demonstration of how customers use a business’s product or service. It goes beyond a mere case study, offering a more captivating and genuine presentation through the client’s own voice and likeness.”

Video testimonials enhance your brand and convey messages swiftly and vividly compared to text-based reviews.

So, how can your brand harness the full potential of the best testimonial videos? 

Let’s talk about it.

Be Clear on the Type of Testimonials You Want to Capture

If you want video testimonials to be a part of your marketing strategy, you have to strategize how you want to capture your content and the type of video testimonials you want from your customers.

🔥Hot Tip: If your customers want to create content around your brand, you need to incentivize them to create content around their experience. Whether that’s 10% off your next purchase or entering a giveaway. Show your customers how grateful you are for their video.

How to get the perfect testimonials from your customers

In order to capture video testimonials that will amplify your brand to new heights, your brand needs to be clear on what you want your customers to talk about in their video. For example, beyond just praising the product, encourage customers to share stories about their favorite features, unique ways they utilize the product, how it aids them in completing tasks, thoughts on the product’s quality, and why they love your brand so much. Providing clear instructions to customers on the type of video testimonials you want to capture ensures that the videos resonate with potential customers, compelling them to choose your brand over others.

How to capture your Video testimonials

Capturing content from your customers should be easy, especially if you want them to vouch for your brand in videos. It would help if you could invite them to create content and capture all the videos in one place so that you can repurpose them for your marketing strategy.

Enter Vidlo, the innovative solution designed to streamline Video testimonial campaigns easily. In just a matter of minutes, Vidlo empowers your brand to set up engaging video campaigns easily to capture the videos you need. To learn how to easily capture video testimonials with Vidlo, check out our guide!

Creating Vidlo Campaign

What sets Vidlo apart? Every campaign and video created with Vidlo has your branding, ensuring that your video testimonials stand out in a crowded digital landscape (and there is no need for any editing once your videos are captured). Creating video testimonials, often considered daunting for your customers, becomes such an easy and entertaining experience using Vidlo. Also, all videos captured sync to one place, which is your Vidlo Dashboard, which saves you time not having to find your customer’s testimonials online; it comes directly to you. Vidlo saves your sales and marketing teams valuable time and guarantees prospective customers instantly recognize your brand when you amplify the video testimonials.

Your Vidlo Gallery

Incentives for Creating Your Brand Video Testimonials

Motivating your customers to contribute video testimonials becomes a breeze when you offer enticing incentives. Beyond the traditional discounts on future purchases, consider incorporating a variety of rewards. These could range from entry into exclusive raffles to providing free giveaways of your latest products. These incentives express gratitude for your customers’ time and effort and serve as a promise of your brand’s commitment to valuing their opinions.

Sharing your Customer Video Testimonials

Integrating video testimonials as part of your marketing and social strategy is important. Making sure that prospective customers can see and hear why they love you so much will prompt them to buy from you because they trust your customers.

According to Biteable, video testimonials “provide an opportunity for customers to share their experiences and provide genuine feedback”. By including video testimonials on your website or social media, potential customers can see and hear from real people who have used your product or service, increasing their trust in your business.

Beyond sharing them on your social channels, actively encourage customers to share their videos on their own profiles. This organic approach not only expands the reach of your brand but also significantly boosts engagement. To maximize impact, consider embedding these compelling testimonials directly onto your website. This strategic placement ensures that potential buyers receive all the information they need without needing external research.

In the fiercely competitive landscape of brands, testimonials often serve as the make-or-break factor. To ensure your brand receives positive and impactful testimonials, harness the power of video testimonials. By offering enticing incentives and leveraging Vidlo’s streamlined process, your customers can create authentic, unique, and genuinely compelling content that resonates deeply with potential buyers.

Is your brand ready to embark on a transformative video testimonial campaign? Check out our 3 minute demo today, and witness firsthand how Vidlo can empower your customers to create content that elevates your brand above the rest.

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