How to launch an easy UGC video campaign in 2024

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In 2024, User-Generated Content (UGC) is not just a buzzword; it’s a critical concept you must become familiar with. UGC has evolved into a standalone strategy, infusing your marketing with a human and authentic touch by showcasing real customers and audiences. It is one of the most vital content types to integrate into your marketing efforts, especially if you aim to engage your audience effectively and boost sales.

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

User-generated content (UGC) is original content created by your users or customers, such as images, reviews, testimonials, podcasts, and the most conversion-friendly of all, videos. You can use UGC on social media, your website, or other channels.

Hot Tip 🔥: According to Incense, differentiating UGC from branded content is crucial. UGC content featuring your customers drives engagement 6.9 times higher than content your brands produce.

Are UGC Videos the Future of Your Marketing?

UGC videos empower your audience to share genuine feelings about your brand. This helps establish your brand as trustworthy by showcasing the authentic experiences of customers interacting with your brand. 

According to Hubspot75% of consumers trust UGC more than brand-generated content.

Benefits of UGC Videos:

  • Boost Credibility: Customers trust people more than brands. A UGC video featuring a real customer sharing a positive experience with your product enhances credibility as the testimony comes from an unbiased source. Additionally, Gen Y and Z are more selective about the type of marketing they engage with, and they trust UGC videos made by their peers. 

  • Increase Engagement: Customers who create content around your brand will likely share and promote it on their social media channels. Also, they will want to share with their friends (word of mouth). 

  • Cost-Effective: UGC proves to be a cost-effective marketing strategy. Instead of heavy investments in professional content creation, leverage your audience’s creativity and reshare the content they create for you.

Using Vidlo to Launch Your UGC Video Campaign:

Vidlo allows you to create UGC video campaigns in minutes that invite your audience to create video content around your brand to share. 

How to use Vidlo

What is a UGC Video Campaign?

It’s a campaign that invites your audience to create video content around your brand or experience. Your audience can create content with a simple tap of your link or a QR code, and all the video content is captured in one place – your Vidlo dashboard.

How to Launch and Capture UGC Videos in 2024:

1. Create Your Video Campaign using Vidlo: Create your campaign and be clear on the type of content you want to capture (i.e., Video Testimonials or Music-infused content).  

Creating Vidlo Campaign
  1. Share Your Campaign: Whether you have specific individuals or want to invite all your customers, share your URL or QR code to start capturing your video content. Consider incentivizing participation with promos, giveaways, or free products.

Share your Vidlo Campaign

Capture Content in Your Vidlo Dashboard: Capture all the UGC video content in your Vidlo dashboard. Repurpose it for UGC ads, your website, social media, and other channels to promote your brand.

Your Vidlo Gallery

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