Allow tourists to share your city’s unique experience

By doing a UGC Vidlo campaign, you will:

How Vidlo

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need a Vidlo Campaign!


Features of Vidlo:

You can create a campaign in 5 minutes

You can customize the campaign to match your city’s look and feel

Allow your customers to quickly create user generated content around how much they enjoyed being in your city

Provide your customers with a prompt so they know what to do in their video, and where to take the videos

Capture all the videos and data in your dashboard for easy access

Benefits of Vidlo:

People are more likely to visit your city if they see people enjoying your experience

Vidlo allows your customers to create user generated content in minutes so it won’t take away from their experience in your city

You can use the content they make in marketing campaigns, ads, and more!

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