Build awareness around your digital storefront

By doing a UGC Vidlo campaign, you will:

How Vidlo

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need a Vidlo Campaign!


Features of Vidlo:

Create your user generated video campaign in 5 minutes. 

Instruct your customers to share your brand at key moments, such as when they receive their product.

Design campaigns that encourage customers to create UGC videos when purchasing your products. 

Share your Vidlo URL link on your website, ads, Shopify, or put a QR code on your product or packaging that invites customers to create content.

Watch as your customers create unique videos showing off your products in a fun way.

Features of Vidlo:

 Easy for your customers to share your product.

Capture all of the UGC video content your customers make in one place.

Use the content your customers make in marketing campaigns, ads, and more.

Leverage your customers community to boost your sales.

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