Boost your hotel’s profit by creating shareable moments

By doing a UGC Vidlo campaign, you will:

How Vidlo

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need a Vidlo Campaign!


Features of Vidlo:

Create a UGC video campaign in 5 minutes.

Customize the campaign to match your hotel’s look and feel.

Allow your customers to quickly create content around how much they enjoyed their stay.

Provide your customers with a prompt so they know what to do in their video.

Capture all the videos and data in your dashboard for easy access.

Benefits of Vidlo:

Easy to set up and customize.

 Allows your customers to create content in minutes.

The more videos your customers make, the more bookings your business will get.

Share user-generated videos (UGC) in your hotel’s marketing campaigns and ads to increase your hotel revenue.

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