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The gaming industry is one that is constantly changing and adapting. Companies have to make sure their game is good quality, the story in the game makes sense, the audio quality is good, and much more. Also while developing a game, companies need to ensure that they are building up hype around their game! This can be through marketing, giving influencers early access, and posting updates or sneak peeks that entice potential customers. But after the game is out… What can your company do to engage with customers?

💡 You're probably wondering, What can we do to engage with our customers? Your customers are the backbone to your company’s success. You can spend years working on a game, but if no one plays it then all that effort is lost.

Many times, when customers enjoy your game, they will make content about it. This is commonly done through live streaming, video content, written reviews, or artwork based on the characters in your game. Customers are excited to post content about games that they love! But, it is extremely important for your company to acknowledge, highlight, and thank them for their user generated content. If your brand does not interact with customers and their content, your customers will feel unappreciated. This feeling can cause some customers to stop posting about your game, or even stop playing your game and switch over to a competitor’s game. So, it is important to empower your customers to create content.

📍 Create new experiences for your customers  

One of the best ways to empower your customers is to create experiences for them that promotes content creation. A popular way this is done is by allowing your customers to personalize their gameplay. This can be done by allowing them to design outfits for their character, or allowing them to create mods for other players to download. These mods allow people to change how the game is played, and provide new options to people who have played your game for a while. By allowing customization, you are enabling players to create social content about your game. When these creators share their customizations, it entices new people to play the game. And, when your company re-shares their content, you are showing the creators, and potential customers, that you appreciate them and the content they are creating.

Another great way to engage with your audience is by collecting video testimonials. While written testimonials are quite common, video testimonials are extremely impactful. One way to gather testimonials is by asking influencers to try out your game, and post their opinion on it. Better yet, provide them with early access to the game and get their unbiased opinion. Influencer testimonials can be extremely useful in gaming since many of their viewers are interested in the same things as them. According to Kofluence, “…influencers can render good advice and information about game features and players’ experiences, which, in turn, can be helpful for game developers who are looking to refine their products”.

In addition, you can also collect testimonials by asking your customers to create them. For example, when they download your game, you can send them an email after a week asking them how they are enjoying the game. You can also offer them a reward for creating a testimonial, such as the ability to unlock an exclusive item in the game. This reward will encourage testimonial creation, and will increase the positive reviews of your game. To learn more about the importance of video testimonials, check out our blog.

âť“ How can my company get testimonials?

You might be wondering, how can my company even track down all these testimonials? Vidlo is the answer! Vidlo allows you to create a UGC campaign with your branding. Within a few minutes, you will be able to create a fun and engaging campaign for your customers! Additionally, Vidlo allows your customers to create testimonials easily. By providing them with a link, or QR code, they can access your Vidlo link, where they can record a testimonial for your company. This testimonial will include your company’s branding, as well as the filter you pick. You can also view all the videos made in your Vidlo dashboard. By resharing the content they create for you, you are showing everyone that people love your game, and you care about their opinions. To learn more about capturing video testimonials, check out our guide.

Your Vidlo Gallery

When your customers create content about your game, your company needs to interact with it, and share it. Your customers are the backbone to your success. By creating experiences for them, and showing them you care about them, they will continue to create content. Also, by offering them a reward, you can encourage them to create video testimonials, which will reflect well on your brand. So, having a video testimonials campaign to interact with your customers is the key to your company’s success. To learn more about creating a campaign, check out our 3 minute demo at today!

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