How to Request a Testimonial [Including FREE Templates]

Testimonials are a great way to show potential customers why they should choose your brand. You might be wondering, What exactly is a testimonial? A testimonial is a written, or spoken, review of your brand. Vidlo believes that video testimonials are the most impactful because they allow your customers to express their emotions.

In this article, we will discuss how to request a testimonial, why they are important, what to offer customers in exchange for a testimonial, and how Vidlo can help your brand through this! 

Why It's Important to Request a Testimonial

Video testimonials are useful for your brand because they serve as evidence that your brand makes customers happy. Video testimonials can help your brand by:

  • Providing social proof: It’s one thing for your brand to boast about your products, but it stands out more when your customers hype up your brand. When potential customers see testimonials from real customers, rather than sponsored reviews, they relate to the content and resonate with it. Including testimonials in your marketing allows your brand to showcase multiple examples of how your brand satisfies customers, ensuring that there is no hesitation to purchase from you. 
  • Increasing engagement: Share your customers’ testimonials on your brand’s social media. This allows you to make customers feel special, and gives you the opportunity to engage with them. When your customers see themselves in your marketing, they will interact with your posts, and tell their peers all about your brand. 
  • Increasing conversion rate:: Video testimonials allows you to feature content that convinces potential customers to purchase from your brand. This leads to a boost in sales since people are more likely to buy from a brand that has real customers vouching for them. 
  • Gathering feedback: The feedback your customers give you in their testimonials is crucial to your brand’s growth. Learn what they love about your brand, and things about your brand that could use some work. By using this feedback, your brand will continue to grow and improve, ensuring your customers are satisfied.

What to Offer Customers in Exchange for a Testimonial

Now that you know the importance of gathering video testimonials, let’s discuss what you can offer your customers in exchange for a testimonial. You want to show your customers that you value their feedback. By providing an incentive for their testimonials, it will be more likely for them to take time out of their day to create a video for your brand. 

Here are some examples of incentives to offer your customers:

  • A discount on their next purchase
  • Enter them into a raffle for a free product or service
  • Free samples of your newest product
  • Free shipping
  • Free trial of an upgraded service 
  • Showcase them on your website or socials

Testimonial Request Email Templates

The way you ask your customers for testimonials is extremely important! Be sure to show them how much you care about their opinions, and show them how grateful you are. 

Template 1: After Purchase

Thank you for your recent purchase! We are so grateful that you chose to purchase from (Brand Name). 

We would love to hear your thoughts on your purchase! Would you be able to record a quick video (15-30 seconds) describing how our brand has benefited you? 

Once you have recorded it, please reply to this email and we will give you (insert chosen incentive)! 

(Brand Name) looks forward to seeing your video!

Template 2: Newsletter Email

Hi (Brand Name) Community! 

Whether you have purchased from us, or you joined the mailing list to learn more about us, we appreciate you! 

If you have purchased from us, we would love to hear how you have been enjoying your purchase! We would be honored if you are able to record a quick video (15-30 seconds) telling us how much our product has impacted your life. 

Plus, if you do send us a video, we will offer you (insert chosen incentive)! All you have to do is record the video and reply to this email with the file.

Thank you again for being a part of our amazing community.

The Vidlo Way to Request Testimonials

Vidlo is a great way to collect testimonials from your customers. You can set up your Vidlo campaign within a few minutes:

  • Design your landing screen – personalize it to match your branding
  • Choose filter to be put on the videos your customers create
  • Choose what data you want to collect from customers
  • Choose an incentive to offer them for creating a testimonial 
  • Generate a QR code or URL to share with customers

For your customers, all they have to do is go to your URL or scan your QR code, and they can create a video. After they take the video, they will fill in their information, and it will automatically sync to your Vidlo Dashboard. 

The best part about Vidlo is that your brand can access all the testimonials created in your dashboard. This saves your brand time since you don’t have to go searching on social media for videos your customers have made about you. To learn more about Vidlo, sign up at

Vidlo Testimonial Request Email Templates

After you create your campaign, you are ready to request testimonials from your customers. 

Vidlo has created 3 free templates for your brand to use: 

Template 1: After they make a purchase:

You have great taste! Thank you for your recent purchase, (Brand Name) is so excited for you to receive your order. 

We would love to hear your feedback on your purchase. Would you be able to create a quick video for us sharing your review? If you create a testimonial, we will give you (insert chosen incentive).  

We are using a tool called Vidlo that makes it easy for you to create a video! You have the option to record either on your phone or laptop. 

Here is our link: (link to your Vidlo campaign)

(Brand Name) looks forward to seeing your video!

Template 2: Request a testimonial from your mailing list

Hi (Brand Name) Community!

We hope that you have been having a positive experience with (Brand Name). If you have purchased from us, we would love for you to create a quick video describing your experience with us! We are offering customers (insert chosen incentive) if they create a testimonial video for us. 

Using Vidlo, you can record a short video for us! It is easy to use, it’ll take you under a minute to complete. 

Here is our link: (link to your Vidlo Campaign)

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we appreciate your support! 

Template 3: Reach out to brand ambassadors

(Brand Name) wants to thank you for being such an amazing supporter! We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our brand. 

By using our Vidlo link, you can create a video review for us in under a minute! We would appreciate it a lot. 

Plus, if you create a video, you can get (insert chosen incentive)! 

Here is our link: (link to your Vidlo Campaign)

Thank you again for all your support. We look forward to seeing the video you create.

Video testimonials are a great way to enhance your marketing. By using Vidlo, you can easily create a campaign to capture them. Our templates allow you to request a video testimonial from your consumers to ensure success. Be sure to express how much you appreciate their support, and offer them an incentive for creating a video. 

To learn more about how to use Vidlo, check out today!

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