Inspiring Testimonial Advertising Examples in 2024

Testimonials are a great way to feature new  content in your advertisements.  But first, what exactly is a testimonial?

Testimonials are statements from your customers that include their opinion of your brand. This can be in the form of text, video, or audio. To collect testimonials, your brand needs to reach out to customers and ask them to create the content for you. It is a good idea to include a prompt when asking them for their testimonial, such as “how did our brand solve a problem for you?”. 

Once you receive testimonials, it is important to feature them in your marketing strategy. They can be used in social media posts, advertisements online and in-person, in your email campaigns, in proposals, and on your website. As a thank you for providing you with their feedback, you can also offer customers an incentive for creating the content for you. To learn more about how to request a testimonial, check out our article.

Why Do You Need Testimonials in Your Advertising Strategy?

Testimonials are a great form of content to feature in your brand’s advertising. Since testimonials are made by real customers, they are authentic, which allows potential customers to relate to it. When your brand speaks highly of your offerings, potential customers may not believe you. But, when your customers provide their opinion and their experience with your brand, it is more authentic. Also, since your customers know what points are most important to mention in their testimonial, they are able to answer questions that potential customers might have. Then, they will connect more with what is being said in the videos, since it is as if it is coming from their point of view. 

Additionally, since testimonials are more authentic, they will cause your advertising campaigns to have more engagement, and an increased conversion rate. Even better, your brand is able to hear how your customers truly feel about your brand, and learn how you can improve your brand to fit their needs better.  

10 Testimonial Examples in Advertising

Let’s check out some inspiring examples of testimonials in advertising:

1. E.l.f. Cosmetics - Video Testimonial

On E.l.f Cosmetics’ social media, they feature many videos of customers using their products. In this video, the customer shares the foundation they used and how the foundation lasted a full travel day. 

She also discussed the benefits of the product, such as the satin finish and buildable coverage it provides. This testimonial is impactful since we are able to see, and hear, why the customer enjoyed the product. In the description, E.l.f also outlines reasons why customers will love the product. This post is authentic, and convinces potential customers to check out the foundation for themselves, thus making it a successful testimonial ad. 

2. Gusto: Text/Image Testimonial

Gusto features a testimonial quote from Renee Bornstein of 1% for the Planet! Bornstein shares how Gusto helps her brand be able to have remote employees. Gusto also features a customer story that goes more into detail about how they help 1% for the Planet. 

Bornstein shares, “Gusto is great for us. It’s really easy for me to manage, as the person who actually runs payroll, but it’s also really nice for our employees. The platform is easy for them to use. It’s been really helpful for us. And people love getting the cute [payday] emails”. 

This testimonial is a great example of how customers can speak on how a brand’s services made their tasks easier to do. Companies that might be struggling with running payroll, or struggling with sending payments to their remote employees. So, this testimonial provides them with information they need to know if they are looking into using Gusto. 

3. Microsoft - Video & Text Testimonial

On LinkedIn, Microsoft posted a video about how Unilever uses their application, Azure, to help them do their research. Microsoft also links a blog post they made describing in detail the different ways Unilever utilizes Azure. 

Alberto Prado from Unilever states “Using advanced computing power and AI, we are able to compress decades of lab work into days, accessing a level of insight we could not previously have imagined. This technological leap, coupled with our vast repository of proprietary data and a century of expertise in personal and household care, means our scientists are able to lead the industry in developing the next generation of consumer goods”. 

This statement shows how Microsoft’s application is saving them time and allowing them to process data at an impressive rate. The testimonial provided by Unilever expresses how Microsoft has impacted their brand in a positive way, which is compelling to other brands in their industry. 

4. Canva - Image/Text Testimonial

Canva shares a LinkedIn post about how Hoorae saves time and money by using their platform. In the post, they showcase images that show the impact of Canva on their brand. The second slide shows that they had an increase in content produced, while their production time decreased. 

This testimonial allows brands to see how Canva can increase their productivity and save them time. They utilized images to get across 3 main points – each point showing how Canva helps brands. This is a great example of how your customers’ positive experiences can convince potential customers to check out your brand.  

5. Salesforce - Text Testimonial

In this post, Salesforce features a written testimonial from Holmes Murphy! Their testimonial states 3 benefits from using Salesforce: they saved money, saved time, and delivered better client experiences. 

Additionally, in their customer story on Salesforce’s website, they show what Salesforce products were used, what their challenges were, and how Salesforce solved them. This information is extremely helpful to potential customers, since it shows them what challenges can be solved with Salesforce’s products, and they can understand how Salesforce can help their brand too. 

6. Peloton - Video/Text Testimonial

Peloton uses a unique format for their testimonials. They put a quote from a customer over a video they made. The quote is from a Peloton member, stating that the running surface is the best they have come across. Since a lot of runners are looking for the best machines to run on, this quote shows them that Peloton is the best in their opinion! 

The video also captures people’s attention and allows current customers to comment their opinions on the product as well, which increases engagement for Peloton. 

7. Black Girl Sunscreen - Video Testimonial

Black Girl Sunscreen shares a video testimonial from one of their customers in this Instagram post! The customer shares reasons why she loves their sunscreen, and all the benefits of using this brand over others. She is able to address pain points that potential customers may have, and guarantees that viewers know that BGS solves those issues. This is a great example of how your customers’ honest opinion about your brand is authentic, and comes off well to potential customers.  

8. Orange Theory - Image/text Testimonial

Orange Theory features submissions from their customers in this post! They had a transformation challenge, and asked customers what they are most proud of. By utilizing Instagram’s question feature in their instagram story, fans were able to express how the challenge impacted them. 

Additionally, this approach to collect testimonials stands out since their customers not only feel that Orange Theory cares about their opinions, but they also feel special that they got featured in the brand’s social media. By showcasing multiple examples of how the challenge helped them, they are showing that their brand changes lives, which is extremely impactful.  

9. Marriott Bonvoy - Video Testimonial

Marriott Bonvoy also uses the Instagram question feature in their Instagram story to collect testimonials from their customers! Their prompt was “We’re Marriott Bonvoy Members, we…” and their customers finished the sentence. 

This is a great way to collect multiple testimonial examples, and putting them in a video ensures that potential customers see what customers love about staying with them. Not only did they have an engaging way of collecting their testimonials, but the video they made with them is eye-catching, making this a great example of using testimonials in your advertisements.  

10. Loom - Text Testimonial

A great way to interact with your clients is to acknowledge the testimonials that they post on their own social media. Loom did this by reposting a LinkedIn post from a customer. 

Their customer posted about how they use Loom every day and how it has become a vital tool for their daily tasks. By acknowledging the post, Loom shows that they care about their customers’ experiences. 

Additionally, Loom is able to showcase the testimonial on their own LinkedIn page, adding on to the reasons why potential customers should use their software. This is a great example about the impact of testimonials, and how collecting them can create a more positive social image for your brand. 

How to Create Testimonial Advertisements using Vidlo

To collect testimonials, create a Vidlo campaign! With Vidlo, you can collect video testimonials from your customers. You can enter a prompt for customers to answer, upload your logo to be in the video, and select a filter for your customers to use. Then, you send your customers your Vidlo link or QR code, and they are able to record their testimonials. 

All their testimonials get synced up to your Vidlo dashboard, so you can access them easily. Your brand can download the videos and post them on your social media, or put them into an advertisement. Plus, your customers can download their video after they create it, or upload it to TikTok! 

Using testimonials in your advertising is a great way to create compelling content for potential customers. Testimonials have the ability to convince people why they should choose your brand over competitors. 

The content your brand makes with testimonials will enhance your marketing, and will cause you to increase engagement and have a higher ROI. To learn more about how Vidlo can help with your testimonial advertising campaigns, sign up for a demo.

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