How to Capture Video Testimonials with Ease

Capturing video testimonials used to be daunting, requiring a professional video team, equipment rentals, and the list goes on. However, with Vidlo, the process is now easy, simple, and seamless. Vidlo allows you to effortlessly capture and collect authentic video testimonials from your customers with just a tap of a link.

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The Power of Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are the best tool for acquiring new customers through the voices of your already satisfied clients. Arguably, no other marketing form is as powerful as video for brand-building, lead conversion, and customer loyalty. Video, one of the most authentic content types, allows people to express their emotions genuinely. In fact, among millennials, user-generated videos are trusted 50% more and are 35% more memorable than other sources.

Video testimonials offer greater credibility than text-based reviews and are highly effective in educating your target audience and increasing trust in your brand.

Why Video Testimonials Rule

When it comes to capturing video testimonials, short-form videos reign supreme and can revolutionize how you engage and market your brand.

Video is Relevant:

Video is among the most popular types of content consumed, especially on social media and websites. To connect with your target audience, sharing video testimonials that resonate with them.

Videos Convert:

Studies show that video testimonials on your website can boost sales by 34%. They offer potential customers a personal and engaging way to learn about your product or service, providing social proof from trusted sources – your actual customers.

Video is Easily Shareable:

Video testimonials act as a cooler form of word-of-mouth. Allow your customers to create content they can share on their personal social media platforms. 

Hot Tip 🔥: With Vidlo, all captured videos belong to your brand, giving you the right to reshare them on your website, UGC ads, and social media.

How to Capture Video Testimonials using Vidlo

Vidlo allows you to easily create user-generated content (UGC) video campaigns that convert. What is great is that we focus on creating short video form content (so your customers only have to record for up to 15 seconds). Easy for them to record, and easy for you to share!

Create Your Vidlo Campaign:

1️⃣  Design your landing screen to guide customers on what you want them to talk about in their testimonials.

2️⃣  Customize the design of your testimonial videos

3️⃣  Add your website for a Call to Action (Give them incentives, giveaways, etc)

4️⃣  Choose to capture data (emails, first names, or custom questions).

5️⃣  Generate your QR code or link: 

Once your campaign is set up, Vidlo makes it easy to generate a QR code or link that leads directly to your video testimonial campaign. This QR code or link can be strategically placed on your marketing materials, website, or physical products for easy access by your customers. Tap here for best campaign practicse. 

Publish and Share:

Your campaign is now ready to be shared with your customers to capture and collect your testimonials. 

Hot tip 🔥 Short videos are intended to be quick, easily digestible content for viewers. Today’s audiences have limited time and seek quick answers. Short-form content is the perfect solution to deliver this. It is usually easy to understand and covers a particular topic without delving too deeply into the specifics. You will be amazed at how much content you can deliver in 15 seconds. 

How to Ask for Video Testimonials

Asking customers for video testimonials becomes a breeze with Vidlo. We’ve streamlined the process, keeping your testimonials short (up to 15 seconds) for easy recording by your customers and seamless sharing for you.

Hot Tip 🔥:Knowing when to request a video testimonial is critical. Let customers tell you about their excellent experiences in their written reviews, in person or social media before you do anything. The fact that they’re willing to spread the word about their positive experience with your company suggests they’re a brand advocate.


Send an email to your customers or audience specifically targeting brand advocates or those who have left positive reviews or comments. You can email your brand advocates a follow up email asking for a video testimonial. Check out the template below for reference.

Hot Tip 🔥: You can also add your link to an email campaign/newsletter.

 Hot Tip 🔥: Customize email to fit your needs- ie, add incentives, giveaways, etc).

Initial Email:

Subject: We’d love to feature you! 

We’re excited that you are a part of our (brand) story,  and we’d love to be able to share your story with our community in a short testimonial video.

Would you be able to record a video about your experience with our brand or products in the next two weeks? We’re using the tool Vidlo to make it super easy, it only takes 15 seconds to record. The recording can be done from your phone or laptop.

Please let me know and I’ll send the link and the questions right over.

Thanks so much!

If they agree to your video testimonials,  this is your next message: 

Follow-up Email:

Subject: Your video testimonial

Thanks so much for agreeing to record a video testimonial! We really appreciate it. Here are the details on recording a video – it should take 2 minutes max (recording is only 15 seconds). Just click here to record your video.  

The questions that we’d like you to answer is:

How did our product change or help your life? 

Tips for recording:
1. Pick a quiet and well lit place.
2. Avoid having bright light sources behind you to prevent glare.
3. Look directly at the camera.
4. Relax and be yourself – you’ll shine 🙂 

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again!

Reminder Email: If they did not get back to you, send them a reminder.

Subject: Quick reminder – Your Video Testimonial 

I just wanted to bump this to the top of your inbox to see when you might be able to carve out 15 seconds to record a short video.

Here’s the link to record your video – you can record any time it’s convenient for you from your phone or laptop.

We appreciate your time 🙂  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

Text Marketing

Send a text message to engage your customers for video testimonials. Offering incentives, such as product giveaways or promos, can make the engagement even more effective 

Initial Text Message:

Hey, Thanks for being a part of the “your brand” community. We would love to feature you in a short testimonial video. It will take less than a minute and as a thank you, we are offering 10% off your next purchase.

Let us know if you are interested! Thanks again!

Follow Up Text:

We’re excited to hear your thoughts. Please record your 15-second video using this link 🎥 [Insert Recording Link] within the next 1-2 weeks. The question we’d love you to answer is: “How has our product changed your life?” Once we receive your video, you’ll get your promo code for a special 10% off on your next purchase. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Your contribution means a lot to us! 🙌

Followup Reminder:

Hey, just checking in to see if you had a chance to consider being featured in our testimonial video. Your story matters to us! Plus, there’s a 10% discount waiting for your next purchase as a token of our gratitude. Let us know if you’re interested!

Social Media

Launch a social media campaign encouraging your followers to share their stories  by using your Vidlo link for quick recording.

Vidlo Social Media CTA

QR Code:

Embed your QR codes on products, packaging, posters, or display them during events, encouraging customers to easily scan and record their testimonials.

Vidlo QR Code


Vidlo: Your One-Stop Platform for Testimonials

Vidlo provides a user-friendly platform for seamless UGC video campaigns, capturing impactful testimonials to elevate your marketing arsenal. With a Vidlo campaign ready in less than 5 minutes, you can effortlessly watch testimonials flood into your dashboard. It’s just as easy for your customers to create as it is for you to share

Want to capture more video testimonials? Get Started for Free.


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