Capturing Patient’s Video Testimonials

You might be wondering, what exactly is UGC? UGC, or user generated content, is “…original, brand-specific content created by customers and published on social media or other channels” (HootSuite). UGC is a great way to have your patients express their experience with your company. Plus, it serves as a powerful marketing strategy to make your brand stand out against competitors.

Let’s take a look at how UGC can be utilized in the healthcare space:

Reviews Are Extremely Important

Put yourself in your patient’s position. You have an important problem that needs a solution. You might have had a bad experience with previous healthcare you received. This probably caused you to be more selective with who you get care from.

When selecting a place to get care from, many patients search for reviews! Many patients read testimonials from other patients about how they were treated at a certain health care facility. If your business has mostly bad reviews, potential patients will avoid your practice. According to Software Advice, “almost three quarters (71%) of surveyed patients use online reviews as the very first step to finding a new doctor, so your online reputation is often the first impression you make on many potential patients”. So, it is extremely important for your business to monitor reviews, and increase patient satisfaction when needed.

Video Testimonials > Written Testimonials

Testimonials are important, but what is more important is the format of them. Most of the time, testimonials are written. But, many people prefer to get information through video versus reading text. According to OneDay, “According to recent research, viewers remember 95% of a message when delivered by video, but only 10% by text”. Videos also have the ability to express emotion better than just words. Reading that someone is happy with the service they received is different from seeing the joy in someone’s face when they talk about how satisfied they are. By utilizing video testimonials, your brand will ensure that you capture potential patients’ attention before your competitors can.

Create Experiences For Patients

Creating a video testimonials campaign for your patients also helps your company form a connection with them. By focusing on your patient’s experience at your facility, as well as after their appointment, you ensure that they are satisfied with their care. One way to create an engaging experience is to email them after their appointment. Thank them for coming to your practice, and ask them for their feedback. You can provide them with a link that leads them to a site to share their feedback via video. Or, you can hand them a flier on their way out with a QR code for the site. To learn more about creating, and implementing, a UGC campaign, check out our guide!

Vidlo Makes UGC Easy

Now you might be wondering… what site can I use to gather all these video testimonials? Vidlo is the answer!

Vidlo allows you to create a UGC campaign within a few minutes. Even better, it will take your patients under a minute to create a video with your branding. By giving your patients a fun way to provide their feedback, they will be more inclined to provide you with a testimonial. Plus, all the videos they create get stored in your Vidlo dashboard for easy access. Your company can use these videos in your marketing, such as on your website, social media, in ads, and more! By amplifying their testimonials, you show your patients that you care about them, and their happiness.

Your Vidlo Gallery

Your practice can also ask them for information such as their name, zip code, or which doctor they saw. This will allow your facility to understand more about them.

User generated content is a great way to connect with your patients, and show them you care. Video based testimonials allow your patients to express how they feel about the service they received. These videos serve as social proof that your practice provides quality care. So, what are you waiting for? Go to today to create your UGC campaign!

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