Best Testimonial Page Examples to Inspire You

Testimonials are statements from your customers, including their opinion of your brand, your products, or your services. Testimonials can be in the form of text, images, audio, or videos! They are a great form of content to feature on your website. 

Why Testimonials are Important for Your Website

When customers are trying to decide whether they can trust your brand, or if they should go with a competitor instead, testimonials can make or break their decision. By showcasing testimonials on your website, potential customers can look at reviews of your brand at their point of purchase. Even better, your brand can have a testimonial landing page dedicated to showing off all your testimonials. This is also known as a Wall of love! 

Let’s take a look at some website testimonial page examples! 

Customer Testimonial Page Examples

Chili Piper

Chili Piper has a wall of love page that displays all their text testimonials! They feature testimonials posted on multiple sites, showing how many customers are satisfied with their brand. This testimonial page allows potential customers to read about customers’ experiences, and decide whether or not they want to use their product. 

The way the testimonials are displayed make them easy to read, and makes you feel that you are scrolling on a social media site to view the reviews. This is a creative way to display the testimonials, and the formatting ensures that each testimonial grabs your attention.


Warmly showcases a wall of love on their website, where there is a star rating at the top. As you scroll on their website, the testimonials appear, creating an engaging animation. Rather than looking at all the testimonials at once, they show 3 at a time, allowing you to read and process each testimonial at your own pace. 

Warmly features text, images, and videos, allowing you to focus on the content type that you prefer. The video testimonials are a great way for your customers to express their emotions about your brand, as seen in the videos on their testimonial page. 


Klaviyo has a combination of video and text testimonials showcased in their wall of love! They state at the top that they have over 100,000 customers, and they chose a few to highlight. By mentioning the number of customers, and showing very strong and positive testimonials, it instills confidence in potential customers. They also highlight important parts of the testimonials in different colors, which ensures that viewers focus on the important parts. 


Baremetrics has a wall of love full of text testimonials their customers gave them. This format makes it easy to read all the testimonials. Additionally, since the testimonials are not too long, you are able to quickly learn why their customers love them. 

A great feature they include is a picture of the person who provided the quote. This ensures that the testimonials feel more personal, and you can connect more to what is being said. 


SmartSuite’s wall of love features a fun picture at the top, as well as a link for customers to share their feedback. This shows that they care about their customers’ opinions, and are open to learning more about their experiences. 

They feature images, text, and video testimonials, displaying a variety of content from many brands. The layout is easy to scroll through, and ensures that potential customers can learn more about the quality of their platform. 


MailerLite’s wall of love shows how you can personalize your wall of love to your branding. They have testimonials that are white and green, matching their color scheme perfectly! Although they only feature text testimonials, the color changes keep you engaged and makes you want to read more. 

MailerLite also includes bold quotes at the top of some of the testimonials, ensuring that your attention is drawn to the important quotes.  

Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep’s wall of love is filled with video and text testimonials. Some of these testimonials are even from celebrities/influencers. They also have articles showcased where their brand is mentioned. A unique feature they have is the categories at the top. You can filter between 4 different topics: “All, Familiar faces, Everyday love, and Sleep Improvement”. This allows you to view the testimonials that interest you, rather than having to read and watch all the testimonials to find one that resonates with you. 

This is a great example of how video testimonials can make your brand stand out, and how featuring them in one place, such as in a testimonial page, makes an impact on potential customers. 


Postscript’s wall of love features posts mentioning their brand by customers on X. They also showcase testimonial quotes spread throughout the page. As seen, many customers recommend their services to their peers. This shows that their customers are happy enough with their services in order to publicly recommend them. Their wall of love is a great example of how positive social posts can leave a good impression on potential customers.


Instantly’s wall of love begins with displaying all the awards they have gotten from G2. As you scroll down, you are able to see a mix of text and image testimonials. Customers share how Instantly helped their brand improve. By using titles, you are able to look through the testimonials to find relatable content. 

Additionally, this is a good example of why your brand should have a testimonial landing page. By having a dedicated testimonial page, and including how to sign up for a free trial, you are ensuring that it is easy for potential customers to make an educated decision. They will be more likely to sign up for a free trial after they read your testimonials! 


GuestTouch has a wall of love featuring text and video testimonials! At the beginning of the page, they state “Our customers’ testimonials are the best social proof we can get”. It is clear that they understand the impact of testimonials, and want to showcase them well on their site! 

This testimonial page has them displayed in an organized way, ensuring that potential customers can learn all about why their customers love their brand. They also have buttons to start a free trial and/or book a demo, which is always a good idea. By placing them here, you ensure more people sign up for a free trial or book a demo. 

The Impact of Testimonial Pages

As seen in these testimonial page design examples, it is very impactful to have a page dedicated solely to your clients’ testimonials. Not only does it help potential customers learn about your brand, but it shows them that you care about your customers’ happiness. Plus, it makes your customers feel special that they are showcased on your website. Collecting testimonials and featuring them on your website is a great way to increase engagement and sales for your brand. To collect video testimonials, sign up for a free trial with Vidlo today! 

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