Why do you need a Customized URL?

Have you ever created a customized URL that leads your audience to another brand experience? It can be highly beneficial to your brand; not only can it take your audience to your brand experience, but there are many use cases on how it can be used.

A customized URL is a short, branded URL that is easy to remember! This allows your audience to get to your branded experience quickly and easily. When they can quickly find your website, they can react to your call to action and create content on the spot!

A customized URL also helps with your brand’s digital marketing since it amplifies your presence on social sites, which helps increase brand engagement and sales. Here are some reasons to use a customized URL to get user-generated content (UGC) from your customers.

Increased Discoverability

One of the many perks of having a customized URL is that it increases discoverability. A great way to get people to interact with your brand is to give them opportunities to engage with it, such as inviting them to create content at an event. Forbes states, “74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone”. If your company creates a cool experience people can have with your brand, your audience will be inclined to look it up. This will lead to an increase in sales and awareness for your brand.

A customized URL ensures they can search for the experience and quickly find it, making creating content more straightforward. In return, your brand gets an increase in engagement with your customers. Your brand will be able to build a more substantial online presence, allowing more people to discover your company.

Ease of Use

A customized URL is also easier for your consumers to use. All they have to do is type in a short link to create content for you. With a non-customized URL, your customer may mistype the URL, or they would not be as convinced to visit your site if they have to type a bunch of random numbers and letters for your URL.

A customized, short link allows them to save time and quickly access the site you want them to. For example, if you ask your customers to go to a social media site to create content, the user would have to spend extra time opening it, finding your company’s account, and figuring out how to make the content themselves. With a customized URL, this process is shortened, allowing them to spend more time creating fun content!

Branded Experiences

A customized URL can lead your customers to a branded experience. Customers interacting with a branded experience will be more open to responding to your call to action. According to HubSpot, “Personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs”. One way to give them a branded experience is to create an interactive experience. An example is creating a “Which product are you” quiz that customers can take. At the end of the quiz, they get suggested a product and are led to a page where they can purchase it. This will give them a more personalized experience, which can lead to an increase in sales.

Your brand can also use a customized URL to show what kind of content you would like to see from them. For example, if your brand has an upbeat vibe, your customers would want to match that in the content they create for you. Showing them an interactive “how-to” video allows them to learn how to make fun videos around your brand. Then, you can use the UGC in your advertising campaigns, allowing for greater brand awareness and increased sales.

Digital Marketing

A great use for a customized URL is in digital marketing. A personalized URL is more professional, especially if you link it to digital marketing materials. For example, with digital advertisements, you want to have your website linked so that viewers can click on the ad to access the content they want.

With a customized URL linked to your digital ad, people interested will be more willing to respond to the call to action on your website. A great way to do this is to have a digital advertisement that shows user-generated content made by customers. When people click on the ad, they will be led to a site where they can create UGC themselves! You can increase your customer engagement by having ads like these run on social media sites.

Consistent Branding

With social media, your brand should use a customized URL to make sure your branding is consistent. For example, if your Instagram username is your brand’s name, your URL should match that. This also makes it easy for customers to find your social media accounts. When they go to your website from the social media site, they will want to post the content they make on that social media site.

Email Marketing

Additionally, with email marketing, customized URLs make it easy for customers to access your page.

You can link the URL to images, videos, and text. This makes it easy to use and increases engagement with your customers. In addition, using a social site like LinkTree allows your customers to link buttons, making it easy for customers to find the URL to create content on. As a result, your brand will have an increase in return on investment, engagement, and sales.

A customized URL helps your brand in many ways. It increases discoverability, makes it easier to access your website, allows customers to have a branded experience, and helps your brand’s digital marketing. This ensures that customers have a positive experience with your brand and will increase engagement. As a result, more people will want to create content for your brand and support your brand.

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