Vidlist 🎶- The Pride Music Edition

We have created the perfect playlist to celebrate Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈 We have featured artists that have made sure they have uplifted the LGBTQ+ community and beyond! We also want to see some UGC videos from YOU!

⚫️ Lil Nas X – That’s What I Want

The video captures Lil Nas X’s journey of self-discovery and love. Share your thoughts on how it resonates with you.

⚫️ Halsey- Without Me

Halsey’s anthem about self-worth and empowerment. Create UGC videos expressing what “Without Me” means to you.

⚫️ Kim Petras & Sam Smith – Unholy

Explore the collaboration’s impact on LGBTQ+ representation. Share your dance moves or reactions to the catchy beats.

⚫️ Janelle Monae- Lipstick Lover

Janelle Monae’s empowering track. How does it inspire your pride? Make a video showcasing your Lipstick Lover look!

⚫️ Kehlani – Honey

Kehlani’s sweet ode to love and acceptance. Share your sweetest moments or messages of love with this song.

⚫️ Troye Sivan- Strawberries & Cigarettes

A soulful track from the “Love, Simon” soundtrack. What memories does it evoke? Share them in your UGC videos.

⚫️ Elton John- Tiny Dancer

A classic celebrating the joy of music. Show your dance moves and let us know how “Tiny Dancer” makes you feel.

⚫️ Hayley Kiyoko- For The Girls

Hayley Kiyoko’s anthem for unity. Express what “For The Girls” means to you and share your pride moments.

⚫️ Lady Gaga- Born This Way

Lady Gaga’s iconic anthem for self-expression. Share your unique talents or stories that make you proud to be “Born This Way.”

⚫️ Frank Ocean- Lost

Frank Ocean’s introspective track. Create UGC videos sharing your journey of self-discovery and the moments you’ve felt “Lost.

Our Pride Month playlist is a vibrant celebration of love, diversity, and empowerment, embracing the LGBTQ+ community’s rich experiences. Join the conversation and share your favorite Pride anthems, stories, and dance moves with us by creating a Vidlo campaign.


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