The Great Collaboration of Humans and AI

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has been the most talked about and exciting topic. But, with all that said, it has changed the trajectory of how we market by using its technology to automate specific actions. This makes it easier for brands to produce effective marketing. Although AI improves marketing campaigns, many marketers feel threatened because AI impacts their jobs and can produce unnatural or false results. But AI can benefit marketers in many ways, such as by making specific marketing processes easier and increasing reach. Let’s look at popular AI uses and how your marketing team can benefit from them.


A popular AI being used right now is ChatGPT. According to OpenAI, “ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response.” All users have to do is enter a prompt, and ChatGPT will give them the information they need.

Many students find ChatGPT helpful when writing papers since it produces content around topics quickly. One way marketers can use ChatGPT is to improve their SEO; for example, it can generate content that includes keywords relevant to your business. It can be beneficial to utilize ChatGPT to enhance your brand’s content and increase your brand’s reach.

While ChatGPT does speed up the writing process, it does produce this content through automation. So, the content that AI produces might not sound the most natural to a customer. Customers will definitely notice if your brand’s messaging starts to lose its tone or personality.

When writing content for a marketing campaign, it would be better for a human to produce it instead of relying on AI to create the full content. The best practice is to take inspiration from what AI has for them and make it your own.

Data Analysis

Another way AI is used in marketing is with data analysis. Obviously, technology will process data faster than a human, and according to Unite.AI, Microsoft Power BI “is a highly useful business intelligence platform that enables users to sort through their data and visualize it for insights.” Just like a human, AI can make mistakes, so it is essential that when marketers are handling data, they are careful to make sure there aren’t any errors.

This can be difficult when AI doesn’t let us see how the data is processed. So, when marketers make decisions based on data, they should use AI to help them verify that their choices are correct. Rather than relying on AI to do all the work, it can be used to confirm that the information received from the data is accurate.


Another way AI is used is on Social Media platforms. Have you ever liked a post and later seen another post with similar content to the post you interacted with? (Crazy, right)? You have AI to thank for that. This is beneficial to your company since your posts on social media will reach people who are interested in your brand. Without AI, your brand’s reach will probably be limited to people you manually interact with.

In this way, AI is beneficial to marketers. Not only is it increasing your posts’ reach, but it is also targeting the right kind of people. This way, your brand will have an increase in sales, and your marketing efforts will produce the results you want. But, it is still important for your brand to manually outreach and think of ways to increase your reach. By combining an automated approach and a human approach to gathering leads, your brand will have an increase in converted leads.

Even though many marketers are hesitant to utilize AI, it can help them by speeding up time-consuming steps needed to build a marketing campaign. While marketers should not entirely depend on AI to make these campaigns, they can use it to enhance their ideas. When your company creates an innovative marketing campaign, your brand can increase its reach and have more sales. Marketers should remember that since AI is automated, it still needs humans to work, so they should not think AI will take over their jobs. Instead of being scared of AI, marketers can use it to inspire them to think outside the box and create unique marketing content.

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