Influencer vs. Customer Brand Marketing Impact

When you think of the term UGC, what first comes to mind? Content made by influencers, or content made by your customers?  💡Vidlo has recognized that while some individuals use the term “UGC” to refer to content made by their customers, other individuals use it to reference sponsored or influencer created content. We wanted to go into detail on the difference between the two types of content that are both referred to as “UGC” and how you can implement it depending on your strategy.

In today’s society, many people follow influencers they feel connected to. These influencers make content that engages their fans and convinces them that they can trust whatever they post or say. So, when influencers post about a specific brand, their fans will look up the product to learn more, and some will even buy it.

With the rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube anybody can create content and post it for everyone to see. Some of this content is made by customers about your product or service. Your customers will post about a snack they love, or a cool museum they went to, which convinces their peers to check them out. This content is authentic, making it convincing to people.

Sponsored content, and content made by your customers, are both effective ways to get the word out about your brand. Both of these content types lead to more exposure, which equals more sales. Both content types allow your brand to get social proof, as well as create an overall positive brand image.

Let’s look at some best practices for using influencer content in your marketing.

Influencer Content

The best type of influencer content is testimonials. When influencers are able to talk about a product, it convinces their followers to look into the product. The more positive things they say about your product or service, the more people are willing to purchase from your brand.

A good way to get convincing influencer content is to let the influencer say what they want. If you give them a script, it might come off as “ad talk” or artificial to their followers. When influencers talk about your brand, they should be allowed to say things their own way to ensure it comes off as natural to their followers. This will lead to more convincing content, which is better for your brand.

Vidlo is a good way to streamline all of the content from your influencers. There is no need for going back and forth with emails to capture content, you can just send your influencer a link. Then, the video they create will sync directly to your Vidlo dashboard. This will save you a lot of time, and streamline your marketing campaign. Plus, all of your videos will be branded with your logo. This ensures that when an influencer posts their video, it is clear that it is for your brand. Another benefit of Vidlo is the filters we have. These filters enhance the videos and make them exciting!

Creating Vidlo Campaign

Now, let’s dive into best practices for customer video testimonials.

Customer Content

A good way to ensure you boost sales is to allow your customers and audience to become your brand’s voice. One way to do this is to allow customers to create videos with your product or service. Videos are a great way to help potential customers understand the experience someone has with your product or service and the emotions they feel with the product or service. Video content made by customers is convincing and engaging to potential customers.

Much like with influencers we trust, we trust our peers to tell the truth. When we see our peers do something, we are more likely to believe we should do the same. For example, if you see a friend post a video about how much fun they had at a museum, you will be more convinced to go there. It becomes quite clear to viewers if a post is authentic, and using user-generated content will ensure that your potential customers will trust your brand.

Using videos that your consumers create comes off as more believable to potential customers. These videos are a great way to show how different people enjoy and use your product in their everyday lives. When your brand uses authentic content in their marketing strategy, it leads to more sales, and allows your brand to have an increase in revenue.

Why use Vidlo? Because it is super easy to collect your testimonials from your customers, while also collecting data from them. This is a great way to understand your customers better, while also creating an engaging marketing campaign. Vidlo also adds your company’s branding to every video made, and you can also use our filters! After your customers make their videos, you can ask them questions to better understand them, such as what their favorite product is, what state they live in, their age, and more. Also, all the videos created, and the data collected, are stored in your Vidlo dashboard, so your marketing team doesn’t have to go searching for the content being posted about your brand.  This makes it easy to share the content they create on your company’s socials. Your customers can also download the videos after they create them, and post it on their own social media, which increases reach.

Your Vidlo Gallery

Both influencer content, and content made by your customers, allows for your brand to increase visibility. They are both great ways to convince potential customers to check out your brand. After all, positive content that is out there on social media will lead to a positive brand perception, and an increase in sales.

If your brand needs help starting a video content campaign, check out Vidlo! Vidlo is the turnkey solution for branded video campaigns.

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