Vidlist- International Women’s History Month

Women make history worldwide, and we want to highlight women in music who have elevated the sounds we listen to throughout the years.

⚫️ Spice Girls – Wannabe

Spice Girls burst onto the scene with ‘Wannabe’ in 1996, promoting friendship and girl power. This catchy anthem became a global sensation, leaving a lasting impact on pop culture.

⚫️ Rosalia- Despecha

Rosalia’s ‘Despecha’ beautifully combines flamenco roots with contemporary sounds. Her soulful voice and innovative style have garnered international acclaim, redefining flamenco music.

⚫️ Sia- Chandelier

Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ is an emotional rollercoaster, exploring themes of resilience and strength. The powerful vocals and captivating music video make it a standout in modern pop.

⚫️ Niki- Every Summertime

Niki’s ‘Every Summertime’ enchants with dreamy melodies and soulful lyrics. Her unique blend of R&B and pop has gained widespread praise, making her a rising star in the music scene.

⚫️ Yemi Alade- Baddie

Yemi Alade’s ‘Baddie’ is a celebration of confidence and empowerment. As a leading figure in Afro-pop, Yemi’s music resonates with audiences worldwide, embracing African rhythms.

⚫️ Twice- Moonlight Sunrise

Twice’s ‘Moonlight Sunrise’ showcases K-Pop excellence, combining vibrant visuals with infectious beats. The group’s harmonious performances continue to captivate a global fanbase.

⚫️ SZA – Kill Bill

SZA’s ‘Kill Bill’ weaves a soulful narrative, exploring love, vulnerability, and self-discovery. Her distinctive voice and honest lyrics have earned her acclaim in the R&B and hip-hop genres.

⚫️ Lorde- Royals

Lorde’s breakout hit ‘Royals’ challenged pop conventions, earning her widespread acclaim. The New Zealand artist’s introspective lyrics and indie-pop sound made her a trailblazer.

⚫️ Beyonce – Break My Soul

Beyonce delivers a powerhouse performance, showcasing her vocal range and emotional depth. The song is a testament to her status as an R&B and pop icon.

⚫️ Anitta- Evolver

Anitta’s ‘Evolver’ reflects her ability to seamlessly blend genres, creating a dynamic and globally appealing sound. Anitta’s influence extends beyond music, making her a cultural force.

⚫️Rihanna – We Found Love

Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ is an electrifying dance anthem that dominated charts worldwide. Her collaboration with Calvin Harris produced a track that remains a club favorite.

From the iconic Spice Girls to the empowering beats of Rihanna, these women have shaped music history. Their influence goes beyond melodies, inspiring and empowering across generations. Cheers to the female voices that echo through time!

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