The Power of QR codes and Movie Marketing 🎥

In recent years, QR codes have risen in popularity due to how easy they are to use. In the entertainment industry, QR codes allow viewers to easily access content wherever they are. For example, movie marketing is about how your company can promote and advertise your film. Utilizing social media and QR codes ensures broader reach for marketing efforts despite potential challenges. In addition, QR codes make it easier for viewers to create content around your movie.

Let’s look at some examples of how your company can use QR codes in movie marketing.

Movie Posters

⚫️ Movie posters can be viewed by many people based on their location. But most people will forget about a poster they just saw. If they spot a QR code on a poster, they can scan for movie details—release date, show locations, and the cast—quickly and effortlessly. This information would be a lot to put on a poster and can take up a lot of room. By using a QR code, you are allowing the main focus of the poster to be on the visuals and are giving the viewers an easy way to learn more information.

In the design of this poster, they included a QR code that allows people to watch the trailer for the movie.

Movie Trailers

⚫️ When people see a movie trailer, they might want to watch the movie but forget the name of the film. Putting a QR code in your movie’s trailer allows the viewer to learn more information quickly and easily. Plus, this ensures they can refer back to the movie’s details whenever they want.

Throughout the trailer, there are QR codes that show up quickly, such as this screen shown towards the end of the trailer.

Movie Theater

⚫️ A great way to use QR codes is to put them on napkins and popcorn/soda containers in the theater. Many theaters have branded food containers, and placing a QR code on them allows the customer to quickly scan it while waiting for the movie to begin.

Use as a ticket

⚫️ Many movie theaters allow customers to scan a QR code as their ticket if they buy the ticket online. This allows your company to personalize the ticket design and brand it toward the film you are watching. Another way to use a QR code is to have it on the ticket and encourage customers to scan it to access more information about the film or access exclusive content.

Movie Premiere

⚫️ A great way to promote a movie is to have a movie premiere that fans and the cast can attend. By placing QR codes around the premiere, such as on the wall or mini flyers, you can encourage the attendees to create content at the event. One virtual engagement idea would be to have the attendees take a video showing off their outfits at the premiere and have them use one of the songs featured in the movie. Then, they can post their short videos on their social media with a unique hashtag. This would help spread the word about your film and increase engagement.


So now that you have learned where to put QR codes, let’s look into the benefits of using QR codes in movie marketing.

First, using QR codes can help promote your movie. One way to do this is to have people scan the QR code to watch the full movie trailer. This can be useful for print materials since all the person has to do is scan the code to be able to watch the trailer, rather than having to type a website link into a browser. Another benefit is that once the person scans the QR code, they can watch the trailer whenever they want. This is better than having the trailer play as a YouTube ad since many people skip ads or don’t click on them when they see them and forget about the trailer. Another option is to have the QR code link to exclusive scenes. This makes the person scanning it feel special, and they will be more inclined to support your movie! So, using QR codes, your company can promote your move more efficiently.

Next, using QR codes can help your company increase lead generation. One way to do this is to ask people questions before they can view the content of your QR code. For example, the person can scan the QR code, enter their name, email, and age, and then be shown the content. This can help your company understand what kind of people are interested in your film, and you will be able to direct your marketing toward them. Also, getting their email can allow you to remind them about the movie’s release date or encourage them to share their opinions of the film. QR codes make it easy for your company to generate leads and understand your customers better.

Finally, QR codes can help create hype around your movie. A cool way to use QR codes is to have them link to a website where they can create content themselves. By doing this, viewers of your movie can record their reactions at the end and talk about what they liked in the movie. Then, they can post it on social media, allowing their friends to learn about the movie. Since people prefer user-generated content over content made by brands, this is a great way to create hype around your film.

So, there are many ways to use QR codes in movie marketing, such as in posters, at the movie theater, and more! Using QR codes can benefit your company and allow you to connect better with your viewers. They can increase sales, views and allow your company to gather data.

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