The Power of Diversity and Marketing

Diversity in Marketing is such a buzz topic, but only some brands are doing it right or making an impactful. Including diversity in your marketing means including different subgroups of your target market and ensuring they are appropriately represented in your branding. According to an Adobe Survey, “62% of respondents said that a brand’s diversity, or lack of it, impacts their perception of their products or services”. Many brands will release featured products or make an advertisement celebrating diversity, occasionally, but many of them come across as inauthentic. If your brand only features Asian individuals during AAPI month and never features them again, you are not properly highlighting your actual audience. In fact, to Gen Y, Z, and Millenials, it looks like your brand is using these groups of people to make your brand look more “woke”. But diversity is not only about race; it also includes people with disabilities. Suppose your brand only uses certain types of people in your advertisement, such as only able-bodied individuals. In that case, you show individuals with disabilities that your brand does not include them. Rather than just featuring these individuals when you feel it is socially expected, your brand should incorporate diversity into your branding and company culture to ensure everyone feels seen by your brand.

Let’s look at a couple of brands doing this right:

Fenty Beauty 

Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics brand created by SuperStar Rihanna. They state that Rihanna “…launched a makeup line ‘so that people everywhere would be included,’ focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades”. The brand instantly became popular since many people found products that were less readily available to them. For example, many people struggle with finding a foundation that matches their skin tone. Most cosmetic companies will have very few dark shades for their products, making it harder for people of color to find a shade that matches them. Fenty has 50+ shades of foundation, ensuring people can find a product that is perfect for them. Additionally, Fenty’s Instagram features many diverse people, showing that its branding is full of diversity. Fenty Beauty’s company branding, and the content they release, celebrate all individuals and make sure everyone feels included. As a result, they have been successful, and many people boast about their products.


Nike, an athletic apparel brand, is another brand that incorporates diversity into its company. They states, “We build diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams and champion a transparent, responsible supply chain so people can thrive. We create opportunities for kids and communities to access resources so they can excel”. Nike is a brand that has shaped culture and has supported multiple diverse groups. As they do this, they show people that supporting people also means celebrating diversity. For example, Nike released Hijabs that can be worn when playing sports. Check out this advertisement they released featuring the product.

Additionally, they released FlyEase shoes that are easy to put on and take off. This helps individuals who have disabilities and who may struggle with getting their shoes on and off. By having a company culture that celebrates and supports diversity, as well as releasing products that make their products more accessible to all, Nike proudly shows how diverse they are.


Target is a general merchandise retailer that sells a variety of items. On their corporate website, Target states “We want to create environments where all guests feel welcome and see themselves represented throughout their experience with Target…”. Since 2003, Target has made initiatives to develop and expand its diversity and inclusion teams. In addition to their diversity and inclusion teams, Target features diverse people in their advertisements, such as in this swimsuit ad (see image below) that showcases women of many skin colors and body sizes. Target also had an image of a boy in a wheelchair, which made children in wheelchairs feel seen (check out the video below!). Not only does Target have a company culture that drives diversity, but they also ensure its branding and marketing reflect the same. As a result, people are more likely to shop from them and want to spend their money at their stores, compared to their competitors who lack diversity.

You might wonder how your brand can properly include diversity in your marketing. We talked to Dan Ortiz from Dan Ortiz Marketing Consultants for some input on this topic!

What are some mistakes that companies make when showcasing Diversity?

Dan shares, “I think one of the biggest mistakes on this front is the dreaded “About us” page that showcases stock photography of employees that don’t correspond to the actual workforce employed by the company. Another would be tone deaf responses to social moments like Pride and BLM wherein Rainbow Capitalism and Performative Activism run rampant and corporate actions don’t match up – a classic case of do as we say not as we do.”

When your company is showcasing diversity, you need to ensure that your company culture includes diversity! As Dan said, your company needs to be honest about who is in your company so that customers can fully understand your branding and messaging. Many companies also tend to release marketing content around social issues just because there is “buzz” around it. Still, their company actions do not line up, causing customers not to trust them.

If a brand struggles with incorporating diversity, what are some things they can do to brainstorm?

Dan shares, “A way to brainstorm internally would be to utilize the 6/3/5 brainstorm technique by assembling 6 employees from a diverse internal group. The goal will be to give everyone note cards and then give each person 5 minutes to write down three ideas with their initials. At the end of 5 minutes, everyone will pass their cards to the person to the left, and then that person will have 5 minutes to reframe or add to an idea to one of the 3 ideas on the card.

At the end, everyone will present the ideas on the card and acknowledge the person who came up with the initial idea. This technique gives everyone a voice and is inherently designed to allow everyone to provide and own their input.”

This technique is a great way to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. When techniques like these are implemented, it provides that your brand is inclusive to all and opens the floor to multiple points of view.

As seen through the brands mentioned, your brand should embrace diversity and include it in your marketing and company culture. Customers are more likely to trust brands that represent them authentically in their marketing. To have diversity properly in your company, you should ensure that you are honest with customers about your intentions and that diverse individuals can express their opinions. With diverse marketing, you are able to connect with your employees and your customers properly.

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